A.Sakharov International Art Festival

21 May 2021 - 03 Jun 2021

Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Last updated: 12 Apr 2021
A Sakharov
Andrey Sakharov International Art Festivals "Russian Art and the World" have been held by Nizhny Novgorod Philharmonic Society since 1992.

Andrey Sakharov International Art Festival presents the principally new concept which is harmonious to the democratic changes in Russia within the last years. The authors and artistic directors of the Festival are Olga N. Tomina and Valentin A. Berlinsky. The concept is based on the ideas and moral position of one of the most distinguished humanist A. D. Sakharov who had warned that dissociation of mankind could lead to a global catastrophe and that the world needs unity, mutual understanding and free information exchange. That is why the motto of the International Sakharov Art Festival is the indissoluble integrity of domestic and the world culture.