FestivalFinder.eu (a)Live Now - Survey on Festivals & Villages/Towns

22 Jan 2021

Festivals and villages/towns are Siamese twins. They serve citizens, audiences and visitors. There is a great potential to unlock on a local level through more collaborations between them. This is also one of the objectives of the new project FestivalFinder.eu (a)Live Now.

We have set up a questionnaire to collect information from the festivals’ point of view to guide our actions towards local and regional authorities and this on different areas: cultural life, tourism, local economy, ecology and so on, in order to explore new opportunities for collaboration.

C Jeffrey Czum Cropped

(a)Live brings together several stakeholders around festivals: public authorities, national tourism boards, the press, academia. The idea is to broaden the access to festivals’ information on FestivalFinder.eu and embed this platform in a broader community that supports and needs to contribute to increasing local information on festivals worldwide.

In order to create and sharpen your needs of connections, we invite you to take part in the next step: help us understand what the links and relations you have are - as festivals - with your village, town and region. Are you receiving support from your towns and cities? What are their expectations towards festivals? We have created a questionnaire for this purpose that should take approximately 12-14 minutes to answer.

The European Festivals Association with FestivalFinder.eu continues its proposal to offer a platform that offers festivals and stakeholders around festivals the opportunity to engage in a stronger daily relations and concrete ideas to work together locally for their audiences and citizens.

We count on you to fill in the questionnaire before 21 February 2021 and to spread it around you. The more answers we collect, the more accurate our response towards local and regional authorities will be.

FestivalFinder.eu is by and for you; and it is only alive through you.