Edinburgh - Extraordinary Experiences


Everyone uses the same word to describe Edinburgh: dramatic. From the majestic Castle towering over the city centre, through the ancient backstreets of the medieval Old Town, to the historic heart of the New Town, the city takes the breath away at every corner - and this rich history has been the inspiration for all of its festivals.

Every year during their festivals the capital of Scotland becomes the world’s cultural melting pot, with citizens of the city and the country joined by artists and audiences from every corner of the globe in celebration of culture and creativity. Some people wonder whether these Festivals could just as easily take place in any city, not realising that the Festivals are authentically rooted in Edinburgh and have become part of the intangible heritage of Scotland.


When you walk around the city during the Edinburgh Festivals, you’re immediately struck by one thing: a spirit of pure joy. It’s seems that around every corner, and in all the venues, people are in the midst of feasting on the huge range of cultural delicacies on offer - with a joyful look on their faces. Not all the events are light and humorous, indeed Edinburgh is famed for its hard hitting festival shows, but even in the midst of heated debate and deep reflection there appears to be a feeling of sheer enjoyment. Edinburgh at festival time feels like one big joyful party where everyone, locals and visitors alike, are part of the city's unfolding drama.