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The Longobard Capital City

Cividale del Friuli

Discover the ancient Lombard capital city at the edge of roman, german and slavic culture.

Cividale del Friuli, Cividât, Čedad/Staro mesto: three names for a medieval city funded by Julius Caesar himself in the year 53 b.C., listed in the UNESCO world heritage in 2011 for the most important remains of the Longobard empire such as the Lombard Temple.

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The friulian city houses a variety of important museums and touristic attractions.

Relive the history through visting the National Archaeological Museum, the Christian Museum and Treasure of the Cathedral, the Great War Museum, the Monastry of Santa Maria in Valle and Longbard Temple or the Celtic Hypogeum.

If you want to be carried away by culture instead you can visit the contemporary art gallery Galleria Famiglia De Martiis, at Palazzo de Nordis, or the International Centre “Vittorio Podrecca - Teatro delle meraviglie di Maria Signorelli" C.I.P.S.

Cividale also hosts numerous events and festivals, such as the traditional Palio di San Donato, an historical re-enactment of the Middle Ages held in August, loved and cherished by both tourists and locals, the multidisciplinary and international festival Mittelfest, and the Incontri di Musica Da Camera, a classical music festival.