Festival Territorio Violeta

01 Jul 2022 - 30 Jun 2023
Last updated: 26 Jan 2023
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FESTIVAL TERRITORIO VIOLETA is a multidisciplinary festival that focuses on the path of society and in the concrete, the performing arts, in favour of equality. Violet has long been the colour of feminism and it is no coincidence that we turn to this colour to talk about equality. Using the current symbology that associates pink with women and blue with men and taking advantage of the commonplace of the mixture of both colours - violet -, we put the accent on this colour as a symbol of a commonplace of equality, which we will undoubtedly not reach without the complicity of both genders.
Festival of fairs and festivals of diversity: To use these privileged exhibition spaces to reward those productions that, in some way, make visible this journey that we as a society must make to achieve gender equality.

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Practical info

Pricerange per day
10 to 25 euro
Main target group
16 - 25 y/o , 25 - 50 y/o
Directions & transport
Car park , Train/tram/bus , Airport (max 20km)
City center
Average attendence per day
500 to 2000 attendees
Art disciplines
Contemporary Dance , Circus , Interdisciplinary , Street Art , Theater
Support for disabled people