La Semaine du Son/De Week van de Klank

22 Jan 2024 - 04 Feb 2024
Koekelberg, Belgium

La Semaine du Son / De Week van de Klank is a sound and societal festival in Belgium, as part of a broader international movement under the wings of UNESCO. Its 14th edition will take place in Brussels from January 22nd to January 28th, 2024, and in various locations throughout Flanders and Wallonia from January 29th to February 4th.

The theme of the next edition of La Semaine du Son is "ICE" (In Case of Emergency.) We will offer a full program of concerts, performances, installations, sound walks, discussions, workshops and more!

Have you ever heard the sound of a glacier moving and melting? Have you heard the crackling sound of matter being subjected to climate change? How can we enter into a meaningful relationship with this reality that seems so removed from us, even though it is of direct conce
rn to us? Can sound creations bring us closer to other environmental and climate change issues in a meaningful way?

Practical info

Pricerange per day


Main target group

Under 12 y/o , 12 - 16 y/o , 16 - 25 y/o , 25 - 50 y/o , Above 50 y/o

Directions & transport



City center , Nature , Suburbs , Village

Average attendence per day

2000 to 10.000 attendees

Art disciplines

Film , Interdisciplinary , Music

Support for disabled people