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schrit_tmacher Festival Just Dance!

This page contains information about a past festival edition. View the latest edition here.

It's spring! Time for another schrit_tmacher just dance! festival showcasing the latest developments in modern and contemporary dance from all over the world in the Netherlands, more locally in Limburg, and more broadly in the Meuse–Rhine Euroregion. In German, schrit_tmacher means pioneer, pedometer, or trailblazer. And this festival lives up to its name by broadening its international appeal. With over 18,000 visitors, the festival has become one of the biggest in the Netherlands. schrit_tmacher showcases the current state of international dance art on stages in Heerlen and Kerkrade (NL), Aachen (DE), and Eupen (BE). Performances include interdisciplinary crossovers, disruptive performances, Western dance performed with overwhelming artistry, and non-Western dance that offers some amazing new perspectives. We’re enabling international creators and young talent to develop new work. We want to create an artistic dialogue between other art disciplines and current creators, or creators from other generations within the industrial Euregion. The festival nurtures talent development through thematic Dance Salons, expert meetings, and courses, offering a platform for future dance and choreography talent. It also serves as an unforgettable introduction to dance for the youngest audience members. Together with leading companies and innovative international creators, schrit_tmacher takes a broad and diverse audience (participants range in age from 1 to 100) into the fascinating and progressive world of modern dance.

Due to coronavirus measures, schrit_tmacher 2021 has been moved to the summer. From 21 June to 11 July 2021 just dance! will be showing at Theater Heerlen, Theater Kerkrade, and at various locations in Aachen.

Practical info

Directions & transport

Car park , Train/tram/bus , Airport (max 20km) , Shuttle service


City center , Suburbs , Village

Average attendence per day

Above 10.000 attendees

Art disciplines

Ballet , Contemporary Dance , Film , Interdisciplinary , Theater

Support for disabled people