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V Edition - IMAGE PLAY International Video Art Festival

21 Nov 2023 - 22 Nov 2023
Funchal, Portugal

IMAGE PLAY ►International Video Art Festival was born as an idea in 2017 and is consolidated in its first edition in 2019, with the aim of promoting and disseminating the moving image and sound, the creative audiovisual media of video art, as a form of expression of contemporary art, taking into account the current artistic panorama, multidisciplinary creation and the art of new generations of artists at a national and international level, presenting in its 4 editions (2019-2022), 97 internationally renowned artists with 189 works from 31 countries such as: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Scotland, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, England, Iran, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Mexico, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine, Venezuela, United States of America. Its purpose is to encourage experimentation, research, production and dissemination of avant-garde artistic creation.

Its purpose is to encourage experimentation, research, production, and dissemination of avant-garde artistic creation, from its usual 2 Sessions and the Colloquium held in each edition.

The IMAGE PLAY ►International Video Art Festival aims to promote an encounter between the languages of video art from different cultures, proposing reflection and audiovisual thinking, exploring relationships with experimental tendencies and/or links to technology. The IMAGE PLAY ►International Video Art Festival is about dialogue between cultures.

It proposes the dissemination and assimilation of experiences, methods, and knowledge, enhancing the relationship between thought/action and creativity/innovation in the changing experiences of contemporary society and the languages that make these changes and new experiences visible.


The IMAGE PLAY ► COLLOQUIUM from its conferences with special guests, in the academic and research sphere, as well as in the creative artistic sphere in experimental audiovisual areas, seeks to serve as a platform for contributing to the reflection of contemporary thought on the cultural and artistic production of new audiovisual narratives, as well as the critical thinking that this generates. Today's art is configured from a few points that have meaning and gain meaning again in the different categories and elements, its own and those of others, that seek to define an identity. Art also opens up to what is foreign, in a continuous process of cultural attachment and detachment. In these dynamics, cultural differences are reaffirmed. Through its programme, IMAGE PLAY ► COLLOQUIUM seeks to articulate an open discourse, to build a bridge that connects the public to the new audiovisual narratives of emerging art, which is part of the process of experimentation and continuous transformation of video art as a creative tool.

IMAGE PLAY The International Video Art Festival in its IV Edition also exhibits in several cities of the continent, amplifying its projection at a national level, with the purpose of amplifying the production of reflections that generate new experimental manifestations in the audio-visual field, intending to generate new publics through its objectives.

IMAGE PLAY The International Video Art Festival, is supported by the Department of Culture of the Municipal Chamber of Funchal and by the organization + Art Contemporary

IMAGE PLAY The International Video Art Festival is supported in its digitalization and the opening of digital channels for its dissemination by was financially supported by the Regional Secretary of Tourism and Culture and the Directorate of Culture of the Regional Government of RAM - Autonomous Region of Madeira - Portugal.


• Support artistic audiovisual production at national and international level.

• Expressing the social importance of video art as a contemporary art language and carrying out mediation work with different audiences.

• Create an encounter of video art as a means of experimentation and research new narratives, with a marked multidisciplinary character.

• Promote the creation, diffusion, and artistic research.

• Generate thought and training related to video art in current art.

• Provide space for meeting, projection, debate, dialogue, participation, and creation.

• Provide accessibility to video art for audiences' active participation.

• Reception of the most current artistic manifestations.

• Demonstrate the importance of the new narratives of electronic media, computing, and different digital processes, in different elements needed through multimedia for the creation and projection of works based on technology.

• Demonstrate the importance of video art as a leading multidisciplinary language of contemporary art, in a strategic axis for cultural and social development.

Practical info

Main target group

16 - 25 y/o


City center

Average attendence per day

500 to 2000 attendees

Art disciplines

Digital Arts

Support for disabled people