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7th International Folk Dance Festival - Nea Anchialos VOLOS

24 Jun 2024 - 27 Jun 2024
Nea Agchialos, Greece

The aim of Nea Anchialos International Folk Dance Festival is to promote high values such as the empowerment of Peace, friendship, peoples' fellowship, the elimination of discrimination, racism and fanaticism, as well as the cooperation of the people to solve common problems with common actions such as the dissemination of traditions and customs of each country. To this end, we celebrate life, love and friendship through dance and music.

The bright motivation of the Festival is to present the cultural traditions of different countries and regions, and to give the participant member groups the opportunity to get to know each other and create a long-lasting friendship. At the same time, to present to the residents of our region the culture and customs of other countries through a feast of diverse sounds, dances and costumes.

The aim of the International Traditional Dance Festival Of Nea Anchialos, is:

  • To present and exchange cultural opinions by gathering people of different nationalities together
  • Strengthen young people’s adequate understanding of other cultures: develop a tolerant attitude to cultural differences and respect for ethnic peculiarities with their unique forms of self-expression and artistic realisation
  • Establish and strengthen international contacts with the near and far-abroad countries, resume cultural exchange and create conditions for the participant’s close communication.

Practical info

Pricerange per day



Partner hotel



Main target group

16 - 25 y/o , 25 - 50 y/o


City center , Nature , Suburbs , Village

Average attendence per day

500 to 2000 attendees

Art disciplines

Folklore and folk arts