Sona Amer

14 Jan 2024 - 17 Mar 2024
Amer, Spain

Sona Amer's musical journey commences on January 14 with "ELS COLORS DE DUKE ELLINGTON," a collaborative spectacle by Cascai Teatre and Girona Jazz Project. This unique blend of theatre and music, featuring a band of nine musicians and two actors, takes the audience on a theatricalized journey through the history of jazz. Marcel Tomàs, the master of ceremonies, adds humor through choreographies, comedic sketches, and songs, creating an entertaining show with an impeccable soundtrack. The concert explores various jazz styles, from the early 20th century to the present, including iconic pieces like "Take the 'A' Train" and "In a Sentimental Mood."On January 21, ROGER MAS I LA COBLA SANT JORDI takes the stage, presenting the unique repertoire of the Solsona singer-songwriter alongside the Cobla Sant Jordi. The collaboration enhances the emotional dialogue and uniqueness of the performance, incorporating double-reed instruments and tight brass.February 4 sees El Pony Pisador presenting "EL PONY MENUT," blending J.R.R. Tolkien's world with Monty Python humor, catering to a younger audience and recommended for ages 4 and above.Continuing on February 18, NAMINA SEXTET presents a journey that transforms roots with a mix of different musical traditions, blending blues, Brazilian music, folk, and jazz into a unique voice.March 10 features the presentation of "Nosaltres les dones" with MARIA DEL MAR BONET I DANI ESPASA. This concert, titled after a poem by Edith Södergran, reclaims women's voices. Accompanied by Dani Espasa on piano and accordion, the duo interprets songs from Maria del Mar Bonet's discography and recent pieces.To conclude on March 17, Sona Amer presents BARCELONA GIPSY BALKAN ORCHESTRA, a renowned ensemble that has become a global reference in Balkan music. Their visit coincides with the release of their seventh studio album, boldly expanding their repertoire with numerous original compositions, showcasing continuous exploration of new territories, both geographical and musical.

Practical info

Pricerange per day

10 to 25 euro

Main target group

16 - 25 y/o , 25 - 50 y/o , Above 50 y/o


City center

Average attendence per day

Under 500 attendees

Art disciplines

Music , Jazz , Rock , Pop

Support for disabled people