[Go Green] RZM Festival

05 Dec 2023

RZM Festival

21 Jun 2024 - 24 Jun 2024

La Cellera de Ter, Spain

RZM is a multidisciplinary arts festival held amidst a tree plantation near Girona (Spain).

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At RZM festival we wanted to reduce our footprint in as many areas as possible. Concerning the transport, we have developed a website widget in collaboration with Blablacar so that attendants can car-share. Regarding water consumption, since we are in a rural area with no connection to the water network, we sourced all the non-drinking water from the river and the canals surrounding the festival areas. This water was used for keeping drinks cold, for showering, and for washing cups and dishes. We avoided chemical toilets and built many dry toilets just by digging a hole in the ground and placing a structure above it. Next to it we placed a can of sawdust for them to use. All infrastructures (the bar, the kitchen, the toilets, the river pond) were built using only wood and bamboo cut from the same plantation where the festival takes place, and using some fabrics from a local factory that had to get rid of them.

Read RZM's Sustainability report to learn more about their mindset and how they dealt with energy, water, materials and residues.

More info: RZM Festival

(General Editor: Simon Mundy)