9 Cortoindanza Credit Daniel Michelon

Festival Cortoindanza/logos

22 May 2020 - 23 Nov 2020
Cagliari, Italy
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The Cortoindanza Festival is born with the aim of creating a place that can host choreographic pieces or works in progress in order to stimulate mobility and circulation within a specific showcase highlighting the choreographic work of performing artists who are active on the regional, national/international territories.

Tersicorea / Officina delle arti tecniche performative, was born in 1989, as a permanent center for the education, diffusion and production of contemporary dance and theater. The artistic director is Simonetta Pusceddu who collaborates with choreographers, directors, writers, actors of the contemporary scene coming from the national and international territory.

"Mix" of the arts, contamination, demolition of disciplinary borders, languages that mix with each other, this is the opportunity that Festival wants to offer.

The network represents the incentive for multidisciplinarity, exchange, monitoring, support for creativity and artistic production, through hospitality, creative, urban and rural residences.

The aim of this project is to support the research throughout the making and production of a choreography in short form, a “Corto”, - max 10’ – considering the multidisciplinary fields of contemporary dance/ circus arts/ dancetheatre to promote the meeting and collaboration among artists having different educational backgrounds or provenance. The primary identity of this project is targeted to the activities promoted by Tersicorea, which for several years has distinguished itself for its strong teaching and formative tools and for its active commitment to the spread of new education in dancing and theatre uprising support to young artists constantly involved with consolidated reality throughout the national and international territory.

Since 2008, the Festival has created a network of International exchange:

“MED’ARTE NETWORK that supports young emerging artists from all over the world with particular attention to countries that are at risk of peace or facing civil conflicts.

“Med’arte”Network Med'Arte is a free and independent network. Proponent partners conceive their function as “messengers” of contemporary art in the world, acting through the influence of new tendencies that the language of dance has taken in European history. (Main Promoter) Associazione Tersicorea Sardegna/Cagliari

The Festival throughout the years has guaranteed the production and mobility of a consistent number of projects in the field of choreography, (over 150 works were identified hailing from: Italy, Portugal, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Ivory Coast, Scotland, Denmark, Germany, Egypt, Brazil, Tunisia, North and West Africa, Mexico, Columbia, Armenian), rewarding the originality, the creativity, the drama and communication capacity across “Non Verbal” language. The anthropological approach ensures that artists, through a shared program, can make visible the artistic path of each author who thus "lives" in a context of comparison and intergenerational dialogue and communication and overcoming cultural / territorial and linguistic barriers, in the frame of the Mediterranean territory.

The goal is to open its own research process to other professionals within the same field, exchanging and mentoring for the development of personal experimentation, confronting relationship between methodology/poetry/technique until reaching the choreographic production.


  • Create a Festival program able to match artists of different generation and encourage new forms of collaboration
  • Offer to the territory a detailed view of the most interesting creative processes in order to raise awareness among new audiences to enjoy performance languages in contemporary fields
  • Support the sharing of skills and services valuing assets and resources
  • Strengthen professional profiles for the growth of young cultural companies
  • Offer opportunities at short and long term of collaboration and work between young artistic practices.

Project recipients *

Direct recipients: Emerging young artists with established artistic training in multidisciplinary and contemporary dance fields.

1. Channeling the projects:

  1. Recognition for choreographic work/language, which provides economic incentive; Recognition for potential choreographic project which provides economic incentive;
  2. Circulation / Mobility: which includes the inclusion in the programming of festivals or reviews organized by representatives / members of the Med'Arte network;
  3. Artistic residences;
  4. Education, Tutoring/Coaching.

Practical info

Pricerange per day

Under 10 euro


Partner hotel , AirBnb


Veggie/vegan , Gluten-lactose free

Main target group

Under 12 y/o , 12 - 16 y/o , 16 - 25 y/o , 25 - 50 y/o , Above 50 y/o

Directions & transport

Train/tram/bus , Airport (max 20km)


City center , Nature , Village

Average attendence per day

500 to 2000 attendees

Art disciplines

Ballet , Contemporary Dance , Interdisciplinary

Support for disabled people