Festival of European and independent film EURO-IN FILM

04 Dec 2019 - 28 Dec 2019

Novi Sad, Serbia

Last updated: 11 Feb 2019

Festival of European and independent film EURO-IN FILM (European and Independent Film Festival) is the promoter of European film culture and art and film workers. Beides projections of current long-form feature films of all types of film, documentary and short films, promotions and premieres, there are film discussions, exhibitions and meetings of artists, critics and theorists, promotions of publications, professional meetings, workshops, master classes. Since it is held at the end of the year, the Festival practically summarizes the year’s filmmaking and the trends observed through presentation and promotion of the best works.


In 1997, a film program of the Cultural Center of Novi Sad, together with agile film distributors, and with the support of the Association of Filmmakers of APV and competent filmmakers, initiated the first authentic film project of spreading of European film culture and art - European Film Festival Euro Film. The pilot edition was held in 1997 with the screening of 20 European films and a retrospective of Želimir Žilnik. In the next few years there were no conditions for the festival, that was again set in 2001, generously contributed by agile and ever growing number of initiators, and event today has committed and competent network of associates all over Serbia and around the world. The initiative group of the Festival aficionado from its beginning up to this day is impressive, and includes many distinguished filmmakers who contributed in their own way to the festival development: there is also a long list of prominent participants, including actors, directors and other film worldwide famous professionals, who respectfully point out the engagement of the film festival team and express their willingness to join in and help. Over time, the refined authentic concept, which favors open form and equal treatment to all types of film so that the Festival is acceptable for a number of organizations, associations, prominent filmmakers and other friends of the film that are included, and above all, for citizens and film fans of Novi Sad, Vojvodina and Serbia, who have no means to travel and experience other similar significant events.

Year after year the rating of films and complementary events is increasing, and the idea that the program incorporate films of independent producers from around the world who are at the same aesthetic wavelength as most of Europe, was very welcomed. Therefore, the festival got a new name Euro-In Film (European and Independent Film Festival) and content. Thus, the number of films with the first festival in 1997 has increased to over 150 in 2008, 2009 and 2010 and over 200 in 2011, 237 in 2012, and is expected that in 2015 that number will be far greater, as well as the number of film discussions, workshops and exhibitions.

Hardly any other festival – and in this case it comes to celebration of film, film of joy and creativity that ends symbolically on the anniversary of the first Lumiere brothers cinema - can boast with the main program that includes, apart from the premiere of the new European productions and independent producers from all over the world, also the best films of the Berlin, Cannes, Venice, Moscow and other festivals and prominent manifestation of all film types, genres and trends on all current holders of image and sound, without neglecting works and creations of their own and regional cinema or those who are confident promise.

Round table discussions with prominent keynote speakers from the country and the world was gradually affirmed, and numerous projects of film workshop are in the preparation, to be implemented by competent local and foreign filmmakers, accompanying exhibitions, etc.

Within developed inter-festival cooperation, Euro-In Film helps local authors to promote their works at major international film festivals, and more recently, depending on the material possibilities, promotes production from Serbia, Vojvodina, Novi Sad in other cities and countries. Over time, and in accordance with the new standards, the quality of projections improved and it became clear that the concept of development must take into account the technological revolution in digitization of image and sound in the production and reproduction, which provided moral and concrete support of eminent associations and organizations with the future of European independent film in their souls.

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