Freeing fest - Oslobadjanje festival

06 Jul 2019 - 08 Jul 2019
Last updated: 12 Apr 2021
Plakat 2019 8

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Profesor na Muzičkoj akademiji u Gracu Morten Ramsbøl:
Tema: Kontrabas i bas
Vreme i lokacija: 14-17h 6.7.@ UK "Parobrod" (Kapetan Mišina 6A)
Tema: Istrumentalisti i vokalisti
Vreme i lokacija: 14-17h 7.7. @ FMU Beograd, Velika Sala (Kralja Milana 50)
... ...Embassy of Denmark

Bubnjar, predavač, kompozitor i aranžer Reinhold Shmölzer:
Tema: Aranžiranje
Vreme i lokacija: 13-15h 8.7. @ Učiteljski fakultet, soba 25 (Dobrinjska 2)
... ...Austrian cultural forum

SUBOTA 6.7.2019. UK “Parobrod” (Kapetan Mišina 6A):
20h...Tanja Filipović quartet...Srbija
21h...Balázs Balogh quartet...Collegium Hungaricum

NEDELJA 7.7.2019. FMU Beograd, Velika sala (K. Milana 50):
20h...Mátyás Bartha trio...Austrian cultural forum
21h...Morten Ramsbøl trio...Embassy of Denmark

Muzički urednik:Miloš Čolović

The “Freeing Fest” (Oslobadjanje festival) is a Serbian youth international multidisciplinary jazz/alternative festival that has been held in Zabrežje (Obrenovac near Belgrade) and Beograd since 2013. Every year we organize jazz concerts, alternative bands concerts, visual contemporary art residencies, performances and educational programs. The Fest is directed by awarded young artists and has hosted artists from 11 countries worldwide. The “Freeing” had cooperation with the Austrian culture forum, Leonardiano museo Italy, Macura museum, etc. and with many Serbian national institutions such as the National Museum, Belgrade, Serbian History Museum, etc.

Our motto is “freeing from divisions in nationalism, religions and politics through personal freeing in art and nature.”

In our independent cultural and recreational center “Perilo” in Zabrežje, on the sand beach of the Sava river we are exhibiting in one of 4 indoors galleries the permanent collection of the art from the Zenit avant-garde period (Zenit is an avant-garde movement and a monthly magazine founded by Ljubomir Micić in 1921, which have been included in the UNESCO digital world library). The museum exhibits belonged to the zenit-youngsters, a Dadaistic group called the Travellers (They started multidisciplinary art and had jazz performances in 1922). The “Perilo” collection includes their performance photographs, manifests; theater acts scenarios that are the main inspiration for our festival programs and artists.

Practical info

Pricerange per day
Main target group
16 - 25 y/o , 25 - 50 y/o
City center
Average attendence per day
Under 500 attendees
Art disciplines
Heritage , Interdisciplinary , Music