Unnamed Festival

International Festival of Andravida Kyllini Municipality

05 Jul 2019 - 29 Aug 2019
Kyllini, Greece

A multidimensional musical journey based on myths, and the story of a fantastic Philhellenic traveler of the 18th - 19th century who travels to the Medieval Castles of Greece.

The Municipality of Andravida - Killini, the Hellenic Open University of Patras, the Hellenic Antiquities Directorate, are requesting co-organization with the Region of Western Greece in order to create a new musical and audiovisual spectacle titled "Medieval Castle Nights - The Secret Song of the Castle" directed by and music by Giorgos Voukanos.

After two successful years in 2012 and 2013 with the Medieval Summer Days that were loved and had a great appeal from Greeks and visitors who attended them at Chlemoutsi Castle, this year in 2018 we return to our proposal with a new interactive spectacle that will be included in the 7th International Art & Culture Festival of the Municipality of Andravida - Killini. It will be held 4 times during the summer on Saturday 21 - 28 July & 4 - 12 August with free admission for the public from 20.00 to 22.30. These actions will be integrated into the program of the large hotel complexes of our region.


This musical-theater performance focuses on the stories that a traveling traveler of the 18th-19th century tells us musically. Images of princes, Knights, myths and stories that have been created and passed from generation to generation as a fairy tale, live in this musical performance in a unique and dreamlike manner. The melodies of the era and the songs, with the background of the Castles, travel us to another era. With original melodies, Logos and songs, The Secret Song of the Castle aspires to travel us to 4 performances at Chlemoutsi Castle with Music, Drama and Light.

"The Secret Song of the Castle" is a musical performance with 50 artists. Participants are musicians, singers, actors and used musical instruments used in the Middle Ages, as well as Knights with costumes to revive the fairy tale and narratives. That's why our Institute is already working with Ritter Hellas to revive the era. With the aesthetic study of the spaces and with the scientific team of archaeologists and research associates of our Institute, we consider that this performance is in harmony with the unique spaces that will be presented.

The "Medieval Castle Nights" will be a representation and guided tour of the Castle that will be repeated every Saturday before the sunset, directed by George Voukanos, with Seasonal Costumes and Frank Knights. We will try with antique costumes, knights armor and corners with activities of the Villehardouin season to travel visitors and hospitable people of the region in a unique time when natural beauty is combined with history and culture. With your guidance and help in creating this event, as well as with the involvement of local bodies and clubs, we hope Castle Chlemoutsi to acquire an institution that will operate every summer and attract thousands of visitors from all over the world.


With the entrance of the audience, the Chlemoutsiou Greek - English story will be heard from the speakers across the castle, and a Video with historical images will be displayed on a large wall with projection.


A. In the first scene there will be a table with seats where we will have a reminiscent of a royal meal and a galley

B. In the second stage there will be a representation of a military team carrying out arms preservation, other soldier activities, etc.

C. The third scene will host a family at the time of the Blendur

D. In one corner there will be a rebellion

E. In another corner will be videotaped 3 Fairytales mentioned in Chlemoutsi Castle for Children

F. In another corner we will have Archery lessons with the Lechene Sports Association and a show of sword by Ritter Hellas.


A. 2 Throne,

B. 2 Tents of open type (season) with white Panels and wooden bases that will be reminiscent and easy to install,

C. 1 Closed Press Tent for Screenings

C. 6 Banners within the Castle Area 2m height X1m width that will describe the activities,

D. 6 Lavara - Flags with coats of arms of the season

G. 2 wooden Archery Targets with Tripod

H. 2 wooden benches (one large and one small, and 6 wooden seats)


Our work takes us yesterday and today through the dreamy paths of the Castles myths, with unique lighting and the music created exclusively for this show.

Practical info

Pricerange per day



Camping , Partner hotel , Youth hostel

Main target group

Under 12 y/o , 25 - 50 y/o

Directions & transport



City center , Village

Average attendence per day

500 to 2000 attendees

Art disciplines

Heritage , Music , Classical Music , Jazz , Electronic Music , Opera

Support for disabled people