MArteLive Biennial: QUANTUM LEAPS

15 Oct 2022 - 30 Oct 2022
Roma, Italy Roma, Italy

From 15 to 23 October, the MArteLive Biennial, Europe's largest multidisciplinary diffuse festival with over 1500 artists from all over the continent, returns.

What characterises this edition of the event is that it represents a true quantum leap; If in quantum mechanics, in fact, the latter are those sudden transitions from one state to another with no intermediate stages, the MArteLive Biennial bursts, for nine days and in more than 100 locations (live clubs, theatres, galleries, squares, walls, archaeological parks, villas) between Rome and Lazio, with multiple artistic expressions, ranging from music to theatre, from dance to street art, from digital illustration to sculpture, from fashion to video clips.

The core of the festival is MArteLive Lo Spettacolo Totale, from 18 to 20 October. This historic format, which has distinguished the festival since 2001, is the multi-disciplinary and multi-artistic event that fully characterises the MArteLive universe: the simultaneity of the arts and their hybridisation, overlapping, create, in fact, a single synergic event composed of several shows in different spaces within the same location, which this year for the first time will be the Qube in Rome (for 20 years its historic venue has been the Alpheus/Planet). For the occasion, special guests such as Management, Sick Tamburo and Studio Murena have been involved, as well as more than 450 competing artists distributed in the 16 artistic sections that make up the event: music, DJs and producers, theatre, dance, contemporary circus, literature, painting, photography, digital illustration, street art, sculpture, handicrafts, fashion, video art, short films, video clips.

Another great novelty of this edition is the extraordinary presence of artists selected from all over Europe through MArteLive Europe supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Community.

There will also be two special previews of the Biennale: on 3 October, the unique and indefinable sound of the Canadian cult band Godspeed You! Black Emperor will arrive at the Largo Venue, while on 10 October, at the Spazio Rossellini - Multidisciplinary Cultural Pole of the Lazio Region - Davide Enia will stage the award-winning show L'abisso (The Abyss), which deals with the tragedy of the Mediterranean landings.

On 26 October, it will be the turn of one of the most eagerly awaited final post-biennial events: one of only two Italian dates by The Afghan Whigs (with special guest Ed Harcourt), the amazing US alternative band that invented soul-grunge.

At the same time, from 15 to 23 October MArteLive's multidisciplinarity will spread regionally through 13 special projects/festivals within the general programme of the Biennial; a galaxy of off events divided by genre and artistic discipline, organised in cooperation with numerous bodies and associations in Lazio, will be hosted in approximately 100 locations throughout the region.

Many national guests (Marlene Kuntz, Ascanio Celestini, Barbara Oizmud, Jorit, Nada, Edda, Enrico Gabrielli, I Hate my village, Manuela Merlo, Moby Dick, Davide Toffolo, Arianna Balestrieri, Aleksandros Memetaj, Anna Basti, Salvo Lombardo, Fabritia D'Intino, Daria Greco, Her Skin) and international guests (Natalia Rak, NSN997, The Afghan Whigs, Etnik, C Duncan, Redi Hasa, Lambert) enrich the programme of events.

The MArteLive Biennial is a project conceived and curated by Giuseppe Casa in collaboration with the various project managers and external organisations involved.


The special projects are the multidisciplinary continuum of MArteLive's historical format, spread throughout the urban and metropolitan space of Rome, the essence and focus of the MArteLive Biennial: these are summed up and simultaneously proposed, staged and realised in a diffuse manner in a delimited place (Rome and some villages in Lazio) in the circumscribed time of the 9-day event itself.

These are true cultural festivals/formats that live on even after the Biennale, having been experienced within the Biennale, where they are synergistically interconnected.

1. Biennale International / MArteLive Europe - The European finalists will perform for three days at the Qube in an artistic continuum of rare power and beauty;

2. Street Art For Rights - Conceived by Peppe Casa and curated by Oriana Rizzuto, this festival aims to redevelop urban areas of Rome and Lazio through open and free cultural projects and through wall works with social and cultural themes that can not only improve the aesthetics of the area, but also raise awareness. Among this year's works are those of Etnik, Davide Toffolo, Natalia Rak, NSN997, Manuela Merlo, Attorrep and many others;

3. Corviale Vertical Dance - Vertical dance performances on the walls of Corviale's 'Serpentone', with different companies from all over Italy and Europe;

4. Art has no bars / L'Arte non ha sbarre - Ragarding street art and human rights, Jorit, the internationally well-known Neapolitan street artist, will complete the project Disegna le tue idee - L'arte non ha sbarre from 10 to 25 October 2022 in Rome with a mural in the Quarticciolo district, while, inside the Rebibbia prison, the artists Moby Dick and Barbara Oizmud will realise two other works in collaboration with the girls of the Rebibbia prison. All three wall works will focus on human rights, especially women's rights, in favour of respect for the person, self-determination and freedom.

Jorit's mural, inspired by a woman who has become a symbol of the struggle for the rights of the weakest, will be dedicated to the Brazilian politician, sociologist and activist Marielle Franco (Rio de Janeiro, 27 July 1979 - Rio de Janeiro, 14 March 2018) who was murdered because of her activist commitment. The idea is also the result of the stories of young female prisoners and the human rights issues addressed during the workshops;

5. PerFormAzione Sociale - In collaboration with Officina delle Culture, this is a social theatre review aimed at stimulating the active participation of the community by making it a protagonist in the social and cultural growth dynamics of the area;

6. SU:ggestiva - Pure music for extraordinary places. Su:ggestiva is a discovery experience with a high emotional impact: attending concerts and musical performances in beautiful, evocative, unique and unusual locations. It is the place that hosts the concert that is, together with the artistic performance, the focus of the experience. The project, born in collaboration with the Cultural Association ARTmosfera, the Taste&Travel Association and ATCL, wants to make people discover new visual, musical and emotional narratives through the encounter between music and some extraordinary and evocative locations. Acting as a fil rouge in this edition is the Appia Antica Archaeological Park. Among the SU:ggestiva protagonists: C Duncan, Her Skin, Redi Hasa, Niklas Paschburg, Lambert, Parra for Cuva, Mòn, I Hate my village, Enrico Gabrielli, 72-HOUR POST FIGHT e Francesco Taskayali;

7. Art in progress/International Artistic Residencies - Historical residences and ancient palaces are enriched by the interaction between their spaces and multidisciplinary artistic practices that give rise to extremely suggestive show-visits. The project is the concluding part of MArteLive Europe - funded by the European Community - and will feature 32 artistic residencies chosen from among the best European artists selected over the last two years;

8. Open Gallery - Digital edition - Now in its fourth edition, Open Gallery becomes Digital, proposing a contemporary art review focusing on video art and digital arts in over 30 galleries and exhibition spaces in Rome and Lazio and featuring works by artists such as Abbas Kiarostami, Stefano Scheda, Silvia Camporesi, Seifollah Samadian, Hans-Hermann Koopmann, Coniglioviola and many others;

9. Danza Battente - A contemporary dance event that with its propulsive force goes beyond conventional frames and takes over public space by leaving the theatres and bursting into the streets. Piazza Carlo Alberto Scotti and Largo Ravizza will be the stages of the event, which will alternate live performances, workshops and other side activities aimed at actively involving bystanders. Among the many artists involved: Piergiorgio Milano, Salvo Lombardo, Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, Gil Kerer and the Collectif FAIR-E;

10. #ALTRNTV - An itinerant and widespread music festival, with bands, musicians and DJs in 12 different location

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