Pandivere Music Festival Spring Concerts

30 May 2020
Last updated: 12 Apr 2021
Pandivere Roheline Ing

Pandivere Music Festival is new music festival in the wildest countryside of Estonia, take place 2-3 times year in different venues of Pandivere area.

Pandivere Music Festival Spring Concerts take place in Muuga manor house hall. The spectacular two-storey neo-renaissance main building of the manor was designed by Carl Timoleon von Neff in 1866–1872. A number of paintings in Russian tsar palaces, churches of St Petersburg, Moscow and London as well as pastoral scenes depicting Estonian peasants were painted by the well-known artist. The grand light grey staircase of Carrara marble, a present from Tsar Aleksander II, still leads guests to the hall with a gorgeous white fireplace and doors crowned by paintings created by the artist himself. Muuga manor is also known as the childhood home of the Estonian writer Eduard Vilde.

Muuga manor, one of the most beautiful manors in Estonia, is located at the edge of the Pandivere Upland and at the same time at the edge of the Estonian largest wild forest area Alutaguse. Pandivere is also called a Lime State on the Spring of Springs, because most of Estonian rivers start from here. Alutaguse is a habitat of several rare animals, such as flying squirrels, lynxes, etc.
At a distance of 15 km from Muuga there is another UNESCO World Heritage site in Estonia – a survey point of the Struve Geodetic Arc. On the way there you can see Kellavere Hill and on it a green round radar station guarding the eastern border of the EU.

⚑ About Pandivere - Alutaguse area:

Practical info

Pricerange per day
Under 10 euro
Classical Music , Jazz , Electronic Music
Camping , AirBnb
Snack bar , Veggie/vegan
Main target group
25 - 50 y/o , Above 50 y/o
Directions & transport
Train/tram/bus , Shuttle service
Nature , Village
Average attendence per day
Under 500 attendees
Art disciplines
Heritage , Music
Support for disabled people