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36th Guitar Festival Mikulov 2024

The Guitar Festival Mikulov, held annually in the picturesque town of Mikulov in the Czech Republic, is a vibrant celebration of classical guitar music. This renowned festival brings together talented guitarists from around the world, offering a rich programme of concerts, masterclasses, and workshops. Set against the backdrop of Mikulov's historic architecture and scenic landscapes, the festival creates a unique and inspiring atmosphere for musicians and audiences alike. Whether you are a seasoned guitarist or a music enthusiast, the Guitar Festival Mikulov promises an unforgettable experience of musical excellence and cultural enrichment.

Practical info

Pricerange per day

Under 10 euro


Camping , Partner hotel , Youth hostel , AirBnb

Main target group

16 - 25 y/o , 25 - 50 y/o , Above 50 y/o


City center , Nature

Average attendence per day

500 to 2000 attendees

Art disciplines

Music , Classical Music , Jazz , Early Music

Support for disabled people