Manas festival

04 Jul 2024 - 07 Jul 2024
Lengyeltóti, Hungary

A thoughtfully crafted concept lies at the heart of Manas Festival. Nurtured and inspired by many Iconic Transformational festivals, sacred places where one can find refuge from the chaos of a rushed world and the dullness of an autopilot existence. Through thousands of years our shaman ancestors realised that, if we organise the calm frequency of nature into a monotone neatly comprehensible pulsating rhythm played on drums, then the state of flow that lies deep within all of us becomes more accessible, and we can fully arrive to the present moment. This state grants us the ability to observe in such a soft and slow manner that we can simultaneously bring to motion every element of our internal world. As this happens, we breathe along with our traumas, and everything that's more difficult to access while rushing through the day. We connect to an internal axis, where our “higher selves” get the ability to transform these forgotten realms. In this state of mindfulness, we take on the role of self-healing and step towards an expanded state of mind where for a week, a day, or merely a moment, we may overcome the bounds of our habitual identity. These prominent mental states are what psychology calls peak experiences. Here we encounter how we might be if all circumstances aligned in our favor. The desire for a peak experience is none but an internal signal, that indeed the time has come for progression, metamorphosis, wisening, awakening…

Holding space for this healing, Transformative Festivals unite our society in love, for which so many of us are grateful. Honoring their work, we join them in this task, while bringing in the refreshed attributes of Manas. Following the ideology behind our festival name "Manas” (in the Indian mind structure) the deep intelligence or wisdom imprinted in our cellular and corporal memory, acting as a 6th sense bridging the gap between rational mind functions and flow state, and in doing so, integrating them. We embark on this mission to help integrate/bridge the gap between the peak experience, and everyday life. Creating the foundations for this journey, in a safe, peaceful, guided, nurturing environment, where the land is protected with the same consideration as those who walk upon it. A journey, by the end of which it becomes clear, that what we found was not a mythical miracle, but merely the present moment.

Practical info

Pricerange per day

above 50 euro




Resto , Veggie/vegan , Gluten-lactose free

Main target group

16 - 25 y/o , 25 - 50 y/o

Directions & transport

Car park , Train/tram/bus


Nature , Village

Average attendence per day

500 to 2000 attendees

Art disciplines

Design, Applied arts , Music , Electronic Music , Paintings