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Prizren Rock & Blues Festival

04 Jul 2024 - 06 Jul 2024

The Rock & Blues Festival in the city of Prizren is inspired by the beginnings of rock and blues music in Kosovo, considering the common elements of folk music, memory, history, the sublime feeling of love, and rebellion. With the sole aim of promoting our tourist potential, through the Rock and Blues Music Festival in Prizren, we will showcase the most well-known national/regional and international rock and blues groups and artists. Rock & blues will have as its main objective the education of generations in this genre as well as contribute to the promotion of tourism as an untapped potential that will help the local economy.

Practical info

Pricerange per day



Fast snack

Main target group

16 - 25 y/o


City center , Nature

Average attendence per day

Above 10.000 attendees

Art disciplines

Music , Jazz , Rock