[Go Green] 'nTramenti

28 Nov 2023


23 Aug 2023 - 01 Sep 2023
Catanzaro / Paravati, Italy

'nTramenti is the traveling festival of the arts and sustainable choices.

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Paying particular attention to younger generations during the festival, children and pre-adolescents along with their families were actively involved in exploring and recognising hands-on activities focused on the differences between human beings and the animal world, thanks to a workshop called ‘It’s all a matter of adaptation’. All the open artists' studios and on site live paintings with big guest artists were connected; with some amazing stories of artists who found peace and inspiration from nature, shared in our podcast titled ‘L’arte ad occhi chiusi’ (transl. ‘With your eyes closed Art’) available on Spotify (official video) . Adult audiences and teenagers took part in outdoor Pilates, Yoga and breathing classes. All the above-mentioned activities, together with the other initiatives promoted by the festival, were designed to help increase awareness and the culture of care and respect necessary towards every living creature and the environment. Thanks to the help of experts in ethology, natural science, psycho-physical well-being and heritage educators, we aim to democratise, popularise and make the culture of sustainability a precious and useful tool for everyone, to be spread particularly in marginalised areas of the hinterland of Southern Italy, a place rarely considered an active agents of change.

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(General Editor: Simon Mundy)