Electronic music festivals

Zoé Leme Aubril - 06 Jul 2023

Electronic music festivals are known for setting up an upbeat atmosphere and a community feeling. These festivals provide unique sound experiences with powerful sound systems. Electronic music lovers share this common interest, which creates a positive feeling during festivals.

At EFA, we love electronic music. So this time we wanted to share with you some of the festivals featuring this genre.

Beats for Love

Beats for Love 2023

05 - 09 Jul 2023 | Ostrava, Czech Republic

Beats for Love is an electronic dance music festival held at the heart of the Industrial National Monument. The surroundings of the Lower Vítkovice area, full of iron scenery, will be filled with plenty of outstanding music and a rich accompanying program for four days. This creates a unique atmosphere full of fun and enjoyment.

In 2013, a giant heart was introduced for the first time, which became a symbol not only of the first year of the BEATS FOR LOVE festival, but the festival remained with its updated version up until today! Over the years, the festival has become more and more popular - not only because of the ticket price, the number of stages and the unique scenery but also because of the unique approach to visitors and its charitable overlap. It has become an integral part of this magnificent project, which not only brings the best artists from all over the world to Ostrava every year, but also helps people in need from the Moravian-Silesian region through their charitable activities.

Find all of their programme here.

Picture: Beats for Love website

Image Sonore

Festival image sonore

18 - 22 Jul 2023| Bussy-le-Grand, France

After already four consecutive years, the Image Sonore Festival comebacks this year too at Bussy-Rabutin Castle. This is a festival of electronic and classical music, of international dimension anchored on rural territories. Indeed, it takes place in the historical monuments of the territory. The programme is carried out by artists of excellence.

One first night on 21 July will be dedicated to video projections (mapping) in 3 sessions on the facades of the monuments and a second night on 22 July from 7 p.m. to midnight with concerts as well as the video projections. You can arrive earlier, at 4 p.m., and attend the workshops dedicated to music, math, archaeology and history. Each one has different themes. Discover more about their special programme on their website here.

We also want to remind you that this festival is free but reservations are recommended so don’t waste time if you are planning to go. Find the link here.

Picture: Festival Image Sonore Facebook

Electric Castle4

Electric Castle

19 - 23 Jul 2023 | Banffy Castle, Romania

A 5-day music festival that takes place on the amazing domain of Banffy Castle in Transylvania. Electric Castle is loved by the festival goers for its unique and immersive day & night experience, awarded by the music festival industry for its relentless quality and appreciated by artists.

Taking place next to the iconic 15th-century Bánffy Castle, in the pristine nature of Transylvania, Electric Castle surprises at every edition with a creative lineup, touching a diversity of genres, with new media installations & performances, and disruptive talks. Breathtaking scenery and historical surroundings create an out-of-the-ordinary way of living and feeling, which can’t be matched by other experiences. One of Europe’s few truly 24-hour festivals.

Here is their exciting programme that you should definitely check out.

Picture: Electric Castle Facebook

classical beat 3 fixed

CLASSICAL BEAT Festival “Nordic Sounds”

21 - 30 Jul 2023 | Lübeck, Germany

The festival aims to combine classical and contemporary music from around the world.

This year, the seventh edition of the CLASSICAL BEAT Festival presents a top-class crossover with international artists between 21 and 30 July. Under the motto "Nordic Sounds", the diversity of Nordic music from Scandinavia and Finland will be combined with European classical music.

With the slogan "Classical Music at the Pulse of Time", the festival will bring classical music into the spirit of today and combine traditional with modern and electronic influences.

The interesting point of this festival is that many performances don’t take place in an actual performance hall but in unusual locations such as at the X-ARTS in the 360° Infinity Dome or others that you can find here.

Picture: CLASSICAL BEAT Festival website