FestivalFinder.eu moving forward with new partners

Audrey Brisack - 20 Oct 2020

After two years of existence, FestivalFinder.eu is moving on to its next phase as of October. The new project “FestivalFinder.eu (a)Live Now” brings together several stakeholders to broaden FestivalFinder.eu’s scope and make FestivalFinder.eu more alive than ever.

© Jazzn Chisinau International Festival Res

We are glad that together with a series of stakeholders from cities, the media, academics, technology and tourism, we will work all together to expand our FestivalFinder.eu to new audiences. The European Festivals Association has gathered exceptional and fantastic partners on board among which: the City of Bergen in Norway, the Italian national Festivals association Italiafestival, the Hungarian research observatory of Summa Artium, the Pan-European media group EURACTIV Media Network and the Belgian digital platform for culture and leisure participation publiq.

Thanks to a small scale grant of the European Commission’s Creative Europe programme, each partner of (a)Live will bring in his expertise to make our online platform grow and bring the arts festivals to live by sharing local content on various levels. You can read our press release for more information about the project.

FestivalFinder.eu offers information about arts festivals across 45 countries, highlighting one of Europe’s most important assets, its variety of cultures, languages and art forms.

The most important drive of this instrument is its interaction, and dynamic; it is you: the festivals community. FestivalFinder.eu is a website, but alive. With festivals’ offers to audiences worldwide.