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10 Sep 2021

Cinematica Festival
6 > 8 August 2021
Mole Vanvitelliana -Ancona, Italy

Film, dance, video

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We are proud of several things: Cinematica 2020 was supposed to open on March 8th, a few days before there was the lockdown. The programme, the contracts, the campaign, had all been done and the tickets for the trips had been bought. The economic damage was enormous and it was a difficult situation for our employees too but we never lost heart. We relaunched and after a month began to involve the public in initiatives on social and web channels, waiting to reopen. We then created the idea of Small contest x small dances. Every 15 days we challenged dancers and audiences to measure themselves against a theme and send us videos shot at home. There were 8 themes and 8 calls launched publicly and we kept the attention high until July when we were able to get back on stage.

Here below is the summary of the call: We adjusted the graphics by adding the tag #contagiocreativo, so that we did not throw away the work already made. This won a National Prize, "The Good Graphics", for the communication concept but also for the initiatives taken during the lockdown, of which we are very proud.

Cinematica Schermata Associazione Ventottozerosei

The festival has a unique feature; it combines new technology and the body in a specific way, attentive to the possibilities offered by the technique but also to the embodiment of perceptual processes, intervening in a way that also protects new generations. To access new audiences in the future, we want to get more widespread involvement of young people and children in artistic and communication projects. Through the network we would like to develop European projects shared with other festivals in other countries. We would also like to involve the elderly and young people in specific projects on the digital divide. Cinematica has always made a reconnaissance of young artists, through a call that every year involves hundreds from all over the world. The audience responds very well, is curious and excited to discover new talents. Some of these after Kinematics have been much more successful, Cinematica brings luck!

The 2021 edition is all about the recovery of proximity, to bring the public closer together in a more empathic way. We believe that serious work is needed to bring the public back to the market, so in 2021 we deal specifically with this. In the future, we want to maintain this dual direction, and indeed we believe it is the key to the success of events after the pandemic. "Think global act local" but also with the body not only in geographical terms because the distancing and excessive use of the web has left indelible marks and it is necessary to return to the root and centre of every event that has particular resonance for the public.

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(General Editor: Simon Mundy)