World Theatre Day

Énora Doublé & Nwanda Okparaji - 27 Mar 2024

As the seasons change and the harsh winter days turn into brighter spring days, filled with the scent of flowers, we too are invited to change the scenery of our own lives, as in a play. Why not take inspiration from this on World Theatre Day, celebrated this 27 March?

Grab your seats, relax and enjoy as we unveil to you the best theatrical performances to come and the stages of the European festivals on which artists, masks and costumes will be twirling in a joyous atmosphere.


Festival Antivaro

22 March 2024 - 19 May 2024 / Rethymno, Greece

The group Antivaro aims to present different theatre genres and styles to fill in the lack of theatrical life in the area and give the theatre lovers of Rethymno and Crete the opportunity to watch successful performances by well-known professional groups. The Festival Antivaro is therefore organised with the participation of theatrical groups from Athens and other parts of Greece. The main selection criteria are the high quality of the performances, the experimental character, the boldness in the choice of themes or the form artists use to set up their performance.

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Picture credits: FestivalAntivaro / φεστιβάλ αντίβαρο’s Facebook page


16 - 20 April 2024 / Brno, Czechia

The international festival of theatre schools SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER has been organised since 1991 by the students of the Theatre Faculty of the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts. This year’s theme is the Storm - ‘unpleasant while it last but after it comes a rainbow’. The festival's main objective is to foster connections and learning opportunities among theatre schools, students, and teachers. It serves as a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences in theatre production, learning new artistic procedures, and finding inspiration from colleagues worldwide, as well as allowing students to put theoretical foundations into practice. It has expanded over time, attracting more drama schools and lengthening its duration, while enhancing the content of its programme.

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Picture credits: SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER’s Facebook page
Nouvelle Senne

Nouvelle Senne

2 - 4 May 2024 / Brussels, Belgium

For its third edition, Nouvelle Senne brings to Brussels, over the course of a weekend, the very best of the new generation of Belgian theatre, with eight shows featuring emerging artists. This year's projects are the work of graduates from prestigious Belgian theatre schools, and reflect the creativity and daring of tomorrow. The programme includes shows that have won awards at various festivals, as well as recent prize-winners. This year's edition is designed to be committed and accessible, tackling themes such as the fight against discrimination, mental health issues, the family unit and violence in our society. A new feature for 2024 is the creation of "LABO" spaces where young artists can present their work.

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Picture credits: Nouvelle Senne Festival’s Facebook page

Volta International Festival

3 May - 19 May 2024 / London, United Kingdom

Volta International Festival, founded in 2015, premieres new international plays in the United Kingdom. This 2024 edition relies on personal testimonies and stories and will explore narratives of movement, migration, transformation and metamorphosis. These performances will tackle subjects of precarity and social instability as the characters and their families evolve around and face the challenges of our unpredictable modern world.

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Picture credits: VOLTA Festival’s Facebook page

TESZT, Timisoara Euroregional Theatre Festival

19 - 26 May 2024 / Timisoara, Romania

For the 15th time, the Timisoara Euroregional Theatre Festival will create a meeting place between the theatres of the region and the public of Timisoara, enabling an exchange of experiences through dialogue with artists and theatre professionals, and the introduction of new forms of theatre. The main goals of the festival are to establish a closer theatrical cooperation between Romania, Serbia and Hungary, promote multiculturalism and familiarise the audience with the region's most current theatrical aspirations.

The programme will be coming soon on their website!

Picture credits: TESZT’s Facebook page
Overview picture credits: Nouvelle Senne Festival