[Festivals Stories] Festival Udine Castello

19 Aug 2021

Festival Udine Castello
8 September > 10 October 2021
Udine, Italy


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The Festival Udine Castello usually takes place in autumn in the gorgeous High Rennaissance surroundings of this lavish Parliament Hill palace in the north-east corner of Italy. It could not happen in 2020 because of the pandemic. Nevertheless the audience was captured by a new idea to involve them and keep their attention alive through music, nature and literature. Musical Blossoms was the title of a series of 30 videos, published on YouTube every week to find unexplored way of accessing our audience.

These online sessions combined musical moments with the flowering of the gardens of our audience, sometimes linked with selected literary passages. The project, which underlined the power of art and nature included flower pictures and photos of the gardens and the literature connected with them. Camellias, Dumas, Telemann, Tulips, Bulgakov, Bach, Cherries, Checkov, Mozart, Neruda, were some of the elements that created a game of colours and perfumes to reinvent the contact between the performers, the festival and the audience; allowing people to remain active and together during the long pause of the Covid period.

More info: www.amicimusica.ud.it

(General Editor: Simon Mundy)