[Go Green] Earthink Festival

23 Nov 2023

Earthink Festival - Tékhné APS

01 Sep 2023 - 24 Sep 2023
Morgex / Torino / Moncalieri / Genova, Italy

Earthink Festival is the first performative festival in Italy dedicated to sustainability.

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Earthink Festival is the first theatre festival in Italy that offers a poetic perspective on environmental themes through the sensitivity of artists and the artistic direction's choices of performances and shows. This year, for its XII edition, Earthink Festival has become itinerant and interregional, following a symbolic journey.Just like waste dumped in the mountain rivers, which travels across the land, and reaches the sea, the festival started in the mountains of Aosta Valley, passed through Piedmont, and concluded in the Ligurian Sea, carrying with it a positive wave of participation and awareness. The wave has successfully engaged, through people’s interest in the themes, individuals who don't typically attend theatrical or performance events, and simultaneously, through others’ interest in performing arts, it has reached people who may not consistently put their attention on environmental sustainability. All performances were entirely free of charge, as we firmly believe that culture should be accessible to everyone to truly be an instrument of change. Environmental sustainability cannot be separated from sustainability in general, as they are closely interconnected. Therefore, Earthink Festival has committed (and will continue to do so in future) to pursue other Agenda 2030 objectives, such as the enhancement of natural and territorial heritage, the promotion and economic development of the region, and the valorisation of local entities dedicated to environmental protection, building an interregional network of organisations aligned with the themes. We conclude Earthink Festival with warm thanks to all those who made this extraordinary experience possible. We will continue to work with passion and dedication to bring together the forces of arts and the environment through Earthink Festival, hoping to inspire more and more people.

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(General Editor: Simon Mundy)