[Go Green] Medieval Festival of Rhodes

13 Feb 2024

Medieval Festival of Rhodes

8 - 10 September 2023

Rhodes, Greece

The Medieval Rose Festival is an inter-cultural and cross-cultural event, inspired of the medieval history of the island and re-enacts the every day life as well as legendary events of the time.

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The Medieval Rose Festival is a living history event and as such, it focuses on the medieval era through re-enactments of history and customs of old times, back when life had a more sustainable philosophy: low ecological footprint, creative recycling and re-use or alternative use of everything (objects of metal or wood, food etc.), minimum waste (no plastic, sparse use of paper), conservative use of resources etc. Participation in this festival is an experience that takes one back in time to re-discover a way of life from the past, aspects of which can inspire us again today. It is not just about good practice, but a concept based on experiential archaeology, an educational and entertaining event, where people become part of the project, interact with re-enactors, artists and craftsmen (trainers) in most activities and learn, while having a good time. There is no use of disposable paper cups or glass bottles. We only offer ceramic cups that one may take home and re-use again and again. No handkerchiefs are used. Most equipment is re-useable, compatible with the nature of the era. Minimal electricity is used, only when and where absolutely necessary. Artists have to comply with the concept of the festival and present performances with the use of appropriate props, minimum waste or energy consumption. Before the festival, our association organises seminars and workshops (some based on the Time Travel method, invented by the Kalmar county museum in Sweden), open to society, where we educate potential participants about different fields of medieval life by teaching them the medieval sustainable way of living and different aspects of that culture, which we may be inspired by again today.

More info: Medieval Festival of Rhodes

(General editor: Simon Mundy)