[Go Green] POLIS Teatro Festival

31 Oct 2023

POLIS Teatro Festival

7 - 12 May 2024
Ravenna, Italy

POLIS Teatro Festival is one of the few theatre festivals on the national territory that investigates fundamental and present issues such as civil rights, climate change, the role of art in society.

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"GAIA - a climate performance that evolves in relation with the places it meets" is a project that aims to raise awareness of climate change through theatre by creating a network of international festivals around the site-specific, multidisciplinary and participatory performance "GAIA" by the contemporary theatre company ErosAntEros. The project has developed in three steps. The first one took place in Ravenna (Italy), from April to June 2023, and culminated with the debut of "GAIA", in the programme of POLIS Teatro Festival in collaboration with Ravenna Festival. The second one took place in Podgorica (Montenegro), in October, at FIAT Festival. And the third in Skopje (Macedonia), in November, at MOT Theatre Festival.

In all these territories ErosAntEros leads a workshop with local citizens, students, young actors and activists sensitive to the topic of climate emergency. They share the creative process of the production to intercept new points of view and involve the participants on stage. "GAIA" is an evolving, participatory and site-specific performative device, that relates to the venues in which it is hosted. It adapts its ephemeral set (made only of fog and video projections) to experiment with new good practices that reduce the environmental impact of the circulation of the performances. At the debut in Ravenna, in the programme of POLIS Teatro Festival (curated by ErosAntEros), a panel was also organised: "Festivals and green: sustainability in cultural events and live performances". The round table explored the relationship between cultural events, environment and sustainability. The dialogue was open to professionals, artists and spectators. The panel was also streamed on the festival’s channels and it is available online.

Gaia is supported by EFFEA for an artistic residency. Read more here.

More info: POLIS Teatro Festival

(General Editor: Simon Mundy)