[Go green] Rock for People Festival

15 Feb 2024

Rock for People Festival

12 Jun 2024 - 15 Jun 2024

Hradec Králové 7, Czechia

Rock for People is a festival of European importance which rose to the top league of European festivals in 2022.

Go Green Festivals 7

Together with the general partner of the Rock for People festival, Komerční banka (Société Générale), we created the KB FutureFest 2030 zone focused on sustainability and responsibility. The zone was the showroom for what festivals could look like in 2030. We focused on several areas. The zone was energy self-sufficient. We used solar energy to power the café, bar, food stalls and also one of the stages (Solar Stage). The second stage (Conference Stage) was powered by a hydrogen generator using green hydrogen. This generator was also used to charge the electric cars that transported the bands and VIP guests. In the zone we used second-hand materials. The café and bar operated in one-time shipping containers. The garlands were made from leftover fabric pieces. The entrance gates were built from IBC containers. The café offered only fairtrade coffee. The gastro zone offered organic, meat-free and/or purely plant-based food. It was possible to taste circular spirits. Used edible oils, coffee grounds and gastro waste were collected throughout the festival. The Conference Stage programme featured the first test-tube pork public presentation. We used only returnable and reusable beverage cups throughout the venue. Food was served exclusively on compostable tableware. We ran PET bottles and cans deposit system, which is not yet legislated for in the Czech Republic. Innovations and smart technologies were presented in this zone. Solar panels also charged mobile phones. Biscuits and nuts were sold without packaging thanks to a capsule system. Air quality and CO2 concentration were measured in one of the tents (Conference Stage), where the programme was dedicated to panel discussions, lectures and workshops on environmental and social sustainability, integration, inclusion, engaged arts, mental health or volunteering. Non-profit and awareness-raising organisations working on ecology, waste sorting, circular economy, human rights, smart mobility or volunteering were given space.

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(General editor: Simon Mundy)