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11 Jan 2024

22. Survival Art Review

21 Jun 2024 - 25 Jun 2024

Wroclaw, Poland

SURVIVAL Art Review is an artistic undertaking intended to maximize the confrontation with the audience in a public space outside art galleries.

Untitled design 7

In coming up with the format of badges, we assumed that we would try to produce them in such numbers that we would not overproduce unnecessary items that we would not use. We took into account the overriding function of the badges and, through colour differentiation, made it easier to identify volunteers, artists, etc. The badges were printed on beer cardboard. In order to reduce the overproduction of promotional materials, we decided to purchase unprinted cotton bags so that the excess could be used in the future. We produced stamps that will allow during all future editions to juxtapose the wording SURVIVAL with the number of the Review and be imprinted on bags, T-shirts, folders, etc. We made the SURVIVAL lettering from hardwood plywood and incorporated it into the bridge connecting the buildings. After the Review, we dismantled the letters; it will be possible to use them in future years. We painted the large Review motif identifying the site from the street and marking the entrance on the fence at the entrance gate, which allowed us to avoid using new materials. To mark the ways to get to the Review, we decided to make chalk markings on the sidewalk. Information on the direction of the tour, descriptions of the works were printed on beer cardboard. The annual exhibition opening wall, which includes an image of the Review, the curatorial text, the composition of the Team and a map of the area, was designed in the form of posters hanging side by side glued on natural water glue.The Review map allows you to navigate the site, but it also happens to be a souvenir, so this year we decided not to give up printing it. However, we reduced the print run by 1/3, and provided space in the infopoint for returning a map that is no longer used. In addition, there were QR codes on each job description, so you could download the map to your phone.

(General Editor: Simon Mundy)

More Info: Survival Art Review