Let's celebrate Azerbaijan Festivals

Isabel Sánchez - 15 Oct 2020

This Sunday 18 October is Azerbaijan National Day. On this day Azerbaijanis celebrate the Independence day of their country when the Supreme Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan approved and adopted the constitutional act "On the State Independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan" that took place on 18 October 1991. This country of the Caucasus region is located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

Azerbaijan is part of the 45 countries in which FestivalFinder.eu is active. To put the spotlight on this country, we will present two festivals registered on our search tool running in the marvelous Baku City.

Nasimi Festival

Nasimi Festival - Poetry, Arts, Spirituality

The name of this festival comes from the great mystic Nasimi poet. The message conveyed by the Nasimi Festival is focusing on multiple aspects related to the poet such as: celebrating the living impact of his oeuvre, observing his spiritual values in various contexts to expand the ideas of dignity and compassion or their contemporary manifestation across the spheres of human activity.

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Polish Film Festival VISTULA

This festival travels around the world to bring to the public Polish films directed these last years. The films are winners of international film festivals and won the hearts of Polish and international audiences.

Polish Film Festival Vistula is celebrated in Baku City and offers the public the chance to enjoy different film genre as comedies, dramas or thrillers.

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