MASDANZA expands in the Canary Islands

05 Nov 2021

MASDANZA, the International Contemporary Dance Festival of the Canary Islands, is one of those festivals that persisted during the difficult Covid-19 times. Although they welcomed less international artists in 2020, the festival grew into a 3-week festival including an extension with new stages in the other Canary Islands. For this 26th edition MASDANZA decided to move to Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, the capital of the Island, in the north after over a quarter of a century in Maspalomas. Opening this new stage reconfirms its aims to bring dance closer to a larger audience as well as to more vulnerable groups in order to connect with them through emotions.


Since 2019, MASDANZA has received the EFFE Label. “For us, having the EFFE Label is a recognition to the work we do, to a job well done, to the professionalism, to the dedication to work for contemporary dance and give it the place it deserves. Being on EFFE’s Festival Finder gives greater visibility to the Festival and helps bring our programmes to a larger audience and promote our city and region internationally” says Natalia Medina, founder and director of MASDANZA.

MASDANZA is conceived as a festival to discover new talents in contemporary dance, create synergies between them, stimulate creation, training, innovation and dissemination, highlighting the most avant-garde works, their aesthetic and identity values and the cultural diversity of the participating countries.

In the framework of the festival, MASDANZA organises a contest for solo and choreography dance, attracting each your stronger young artists from all over the world.

Eighteen pieces were presented in the official section, with dancers and choreographers from Mexico, France, South Korea, Cuba, Germany, Taiwan, Israel, Italy and Spain competing.

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