[Youth & Festival’s Stories] THINK BIG! Festival

29 Nov 2022

THINK BIG! Festival
4 - 13 July 2022
Munich, Germany

Contemporary Dance and Musiktheater

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Small children with their families, youth groups, school classes from the city and from the rural area, students are gathered again to be part of the 2022 THINK BIG! Festival. After the pandemic, we were finally able to get a big joint festival going again in Munich.

For the ninth time, international artists from 7 European countries presented contemporary dance and music theatre for children, young people and audiences of all ages. The "Reach Out" format developed in the pandemic years, with performances in schools and in public spaces, was continued successfully.

Getting back into direct contact with young people is the central concern of the festival. Young people and artists meet each other in workshops, conversations, and during performance visits. In this year's programme, with 22 performances in theatres, schools and public spaces, we celebrated the encounter and being together again.

More info: en.thinkbigfestival.de

(General Editor: Simon Mundy
Picture: Uli Neumann Cosel)