Zoom on Montenegro Festivals

Isabel Sanchez Navarro - 13 Jul 2020

Montenegro is a Balkan country, located on the Adriatic Sea. Today, 13 July, the country commemorates the day Berlin Congress recognised Montenegro as an independent state in 1878. We are taking this opportunity to highlight the four Montenegro festivals registered on the FestivalFinder.eu website.

Petrovac Jazz Festival 2

Petrovac Jazz Festival (Budva)

Since 2007, the Petrovac Jazz Festival has brought many different musicians from all over the world, supporting and promoting young talent, generating synergies between young and experienced musicians, allowing the public to enjoy the music in the cities of Budva and Petrovan, where this event has been traditionally held. This music festival was founded with the idea of promoting cultural values through recreational and educational activities, allowing the active participation of society in cultural change.

This year, the festival will celebrate its 14th edition which is expected to be held from 31 August to 6 September 2020 if the COVID-19 situation allows its celebration.

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Fiat Festival 2

FIAT – Festival of International Alternative Theatre (Podgorica)

The Festival of International Alternative Theatre (FIAT) is a cultural festival with thirty years of experience. It was created out of the need to transform existing artistic energy into a critical mass that would reach the furthest borders in theatre, break the old and examine new models of stage expression.

FIAT should be celebrated from 4 to 13 September 2020 in Podgorica. The requests for participation ended on June 1, so we will know the list of artists and art groups from around the world soon.

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I N Art F Estival 2

InArt festival (Tivat)

InArt festival is a multicultural gathering that has been celebrated every end of July since 2016 in the coastal town of Tivat, located in the Bay of Kotor. This art festival is based on the idea of turning the streets, squares and beaches of Tivat into the main cultural stage of the country.

The street performers will enrich the city scene and contribute to the experience through direct and interactive relations with artists in many different places.

This multidisciplinary Festival is suppsed to take place 22 to 24 of July, as long as the situation of Covid-19 allows its celebration.

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Seanema Film Festival Beach

Seanema Film Festival (Ulcinj)

Seanema Film Festival introduces a new concept of arts in Montenegro, considering films as a powerful tool for social change. The festival promotes intercultural exchange and seeks to put narratives, languages and cultural identities together.

In 2019, the festival has celebrated for the first time the #SeanemaTalk, the latest extension of the Seanema Film Festival where the main topic was climate change and how it can be addressed from the perspective of art and cinema. The European Union in Montenegro, the EU Information Center and Cineuropa supported the #SeanemaTalk.

In 2020, the Seanema Film Festival will celebrate its 6th edition from 16 to 20 September.

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Don’t miss the chance to visit Montenegro and its wonderful Festivals. You will be fascinated by the culture and the landscapes of this little European country. Because of travel restrictions, you can also show these Festivals your interest from home by visiting their websites and social media channels. Jump into the adventure!