Curtains up on alternative programmes II

Christophe Wallisch - 12 May 2020

Even during this crisis, we all need to keep enjoying some artistic performances while staying at home. We recently shared a list of festivals in May and June that have been postponed or cancelled due to covid-19, but that doesn’t mean that arts and culture have been cancelled as well. Some festivals registered on have set up online alternatives to continue to bring the arts to their audiences. Here is a presentation of the programmes developed by 3 festivals.

Prague Spring Festival

Prague Spring Festival

Because of the Covid-19 crisis, the Prague Spring Festival (supposed to begin on 7 May until 4 June) will not go as planned. However, 11 concerts will be available online for free between 12 May and 4 June!

The Prague Spring Festival, which is a member of the European Festivals Association, will also broadcast selected concerts through the Czech Television and Czech Radio.

Check the full programme on the festival's website!

Bergen International Festival

Bergen International Festival

The Bergen International Festival, another member of the European Festivals Association, is also affected by the coronavirus and has cancelled the old festival comprising about 2000 artists.

In six weeks time, the team has worked on a "re-imagined 2020 programme" to replace the original festival. From 20 May until 3 June, the festival will broadcast online about 70 productions: a lot of music with many concerts and performances, theater, debates... everything for free and accessible online from your home!

To learn more about the new content of this Norwegian festival, you can visit their website and subscribe to the festival's newsletter!


European Festival of Performing Arts Timisoara - Romanian Drama Festival

This festival, which is also a member of the European Festivals Association, is a yearly theatre festival organised by the Timisoara National Theatre with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Timisoara City Hall.

They have not taken any official decision yet concerning their festival who should take place from 25 June until 8 November, but in the meantime, the Timisoara National Theatre has decided to adapt its programme to the situation by proposing a new activity "Meetings at your home" on its YouTube channel and on the dedicated page of the Theater's website.