FestivalFinder.eu still alive!

26 Mar 2020

We always say, In Europe, the arts are just a festival away, and encourage audiences to discover and enrich themselves by attending.

Now many festivals have had to press ‘pause’. It is only a pause, though, and before very long they will press ‘reset’. They will be back.

Ff Eu Mosaic

In the meantime we invite audiences to continue using FestivalFinder.eu's News section to discover our arts festivals, their programmes and activities. Many will be streaming special events and performances from their archives online, so visit their websites even if the festival dates are no longer relevant. The post-corona times will be different, we know that. But we also know that festivals, as they always have been, are wonderful platforms for bringing people together; for reconciliation, joy and happiness. Festivals will go on celebrating the arts and our communities.

The amazing diversity of artistic experiences on offer - the scale and ambition of programmes - all over the continent is the reason FestivalFinder.eu exists; to bring that richness to audiences and to demonstrate its vitality as well to all arts lovers, politicians, officials and planners.

Did you know that FestivalFinder.eu

· Has a broad spectrum of 21 different disciplines,
· Includes festivals in 45 countries,
· Has 2.236 festivals for you to choose from,
· Which support 156.506 artists,
· Helps employ 9.057 people through 801 EFFE Labels?

Did you know that 24 festivals were selected as EFFE Laureates for 2019-2020?

Log on to our News section again soon to discover your favourites on FestivalFinder.eu!