World Opera Day!

Claudia Druwé - 22 Oct 2020

25 October is World Opera Day. On this day we celebrate a music genre that is a key part of the Western European music tradition. It’s also an ideal day to put the opera festivals on, that are still going on despite the current state of our world, in the spotlight. Be sure to explore these festivals’ pages on to find out more about their upcoming editions.

Soundfestival 2018 Garth Knox Viola Photo Credit Graeme Mac Donald D7007Eb8A0E74Cd62293Fc9B463F1A3D


The annual soundfestival, starting today until this Sunday 25 October 2020, is run by sound, a new music incubator based in North-East Scotland that encourages new music creation and discovery.

sound aims to give composers the opportunity to experiment, develop and create new works, and to have these works performed and heard. The festival encourages audiences of all ages and backgrounds to experience all kinds of new music and cross-art form experimentation, such as operas popping up in unusual and unexpected locations.

Panoramica Castell De Peralada Retallada D7007Eb8A0E74Cd62293Fc9B463F1A3D

Festival Castell de Peralada

The Castell de Peralada Festival is held on the Gothic and Renaissance grounds of the Peralada Castle, which was built between the 14th and 16th centuries. The festival has four music venues which allow all sorts of events, ranging from major opera productions to dance performances, lyrical recitals and small productions, as well as chamber operas; all amid the incomparable setting of the medieval walls of the Castle, making for a very special international Festival.

The festival is hosting the Opera XXI Awards ceremony on 25 October. This will be the second edition of the event, which was initially scheduled for March 2020 at the Gran Teatre del Liceu, but has been postponed due to the situation resulting from the COVID-19 crisis. The ceremony will be held in streaming format which can be viewed on the festival’s website.

Festival Castell de Peralada is a longstanding member of the European Festivals Association since 1992.

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Grandezze & Meraviglie, Festival Musicale Estense

Grandezze & Meraviglie – Festival Musicale Estense started in 1998 as a side-event during the Modena Capitale celebrations. The Festival has gained ever since a great resonance in Europe since its very beginning and this helped the festival to become a national and international reference point for early music.

This year the festival will run from 22 August until 16 December! Have a look at the programme on the website:

Arena Sferisterio Alfredo Tabocchini D7007Eb8A0E74Cd62293Fc9B463F1A3D

Macerata Opera Festival

Over the years, Macerata Opera Festival has become a forum for experimentation, with the aim of pushing theatre beyond its own boundaries. The festival firmly believe that opera is alive and challenges us every day. The Macerata Opera Festival has strong connections not only with international artists but also and especially with Macerata and its citizens.

Every journey is an experience. Attending a performance at the Sferisterio, (the only open-air theatre with boxes) offers a unique experience in itself. has managed to make it even more unique and embrace ever wider audiences.

Macerata Opera Festival has joined the European Festivals Association (EFA) as a member this year.

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International Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival

The Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival had its first edition in 1994. The Aspendos Festival is a member of EFA since 2003, taking its prestigious place among other festivals being held over the world.

The festival unites the unique history and wonderful acoustics of the 2000-year-old Aspendos Ancient Theatre with Antalya’s natural beauty and the power of art to reach beyond boundaries of language, religion and culture. 70% of the audience come from overseas, which makes this festival truly an international experience.