Special EFFE Label 2021 edition - Badge of Invention for arts festivals

04 May 2021

Take part in the special edition of the EFFE Label 2021: the Badge of Invention. Festivals deserve the broadest attention and everyone should know. We open this call for festivals' stories to put them in the spotlight.

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The last year has been a demanding mixture of cancellations and reinvention, panic and brilliant creativity, social isolation and new communication, home becoming a goal and freedom from office irritations, fear of other people and longing to be with them, travel possible in theory but rarely in practice.

Through all this festivals have seen their purpose – to bring fine performance live to a specific and special place – turned on its head. Suddenly distance was required, half empty was the best that was allowed, virtual replaced live.

And yet, despite it all, the ability to adapt has triumphed. Festivals have found new and surprising audiences, old patrons have remained loyal and found companionship online. And where physical performances have been possible, the eagerness and joy of those able to attend has shown how worthwhile the efforts have been.

After trauma things are never quite the same again but once the fever has broken a new sense of mission emerges. The European Festivals Association wants to find and celebrate the achievements of festivals in these ferocious times.

This is why we are dedicating a special edition of the EFFE Label 2021 to the Badge of Invention to put festivals in the spotlight and we open this call for festivals' stories.

What are you most proud of in your festival since the beginning of the pandemic? What stands out in the festival's heritage? Could you find unexplored ways of accessing your audience? How have you brought exciting emerging artists to your audience? How will the next few years of the festival, once it (like its audience) has recovered, be different?

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We encourage all arts festivals - from the biggest ones to the most intimate ones - to send us stories (between 2000 and 3000 characters including spaces) and some promotional material (pictures, social media screenshots, video, links to online performances…) before 30 June. If your festival is not registered on FestivalFinder.eu yet, please register here.

The editorial team will have a look and will present your experience in these challenging times on the FestivalFinder.eu website in a series of articles, in our newsletter and on our social media. Your invention will be featured in an online e-magazine. Importantly, you will receive the EFFE Label Special edition logo, the Badge of Invention, for you to use in your own communications.

An additional benefit to keep in mind: your story will be the central piece to help you address your audiences through a game that we will launch at the end of the year. We will propose a playful way to make your audience express their support to you, thank you for your efforts and validate your proposals for the future. The game will be a tool for reaching out to potential audiences who have not heard about you before.

So get to your keyboards and send us your stories now! We can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to and share it with audiences worldwide.