The show is going on – August 2020

Anaïz Dessartre - 03 Aug 2020

In the midst of a very challenging time for the arts and culture industries, it is relieving to find out that, slowly, some festivals are finding ways to still take place in 2020.

Some had to adapt their formats and programmes, others were moved into online versions, and others still manage to happen as similarly to what was originally planned as possible – whilst evidently respecting and promoting the necessary precaution measures related to the pandemic. In either way, it is delightful to see cultural activities come together once again and to include them as part of our upcoming agendas.

We are therefore happy to share a selection of festivals taking place all throughout Europe during the month of August. The list comprises more than 50 festivals happening in 24 European countries, contemplating a variety of art disciplines, environments and audiences. You can find out more about them by clicking on their names or by searching for them on our

Enjoy the show!

Festivals In August 2020