We stand by #Ukraine

Ophelie De Backer - 03 Mar 2022

We are deeply affected by what is happening now in Ukraine and would like to express solidarity to cultural organisations, artists and all the people in the region.

To highlight the incredible work that festivals are doing in Ukraine, we dedicate this zoom-in to Ukrainian festivals.

We don’t know yet if these festivals will be able to take place but nonetheless they deserve to be highlighted.

We denounce the use of violence everywhere. Make art, not war!

Faine Misto Fest 2

Faine Misto Festival

For almost ten years, the Faine Misto Festival has been held in Ukraine. The festival gathers headliners from all over the world and reaches 20.000 visitors. The main feature of the festival is the absolute freedom of musical genres and self-expression. During four festival days, everyone can be whoever they want to be. Here, in the built-up city on the middle of a field, people are just playing without any rules.

This is an indescribable atmosphere that can only be felt by being there.

Learn more about Faine Misto Festival on their website.

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Classics Today Ukr 2

12th International Theatre Festival “Classics Today”

The idea to conduct the festival of performances, that had put on classic dramaturgy, development of festival’s conception, aims and tasks, belonged to Sergey Chulkov. The first edition of the “Classics Today” festival took place in 1993. Unlike many other festivals, the “Classics today” had a competitive character from the beginning on. An international jury, which consists of well-known specialists in drama study, producers as well as actors, determines which is the best performance or direction, who is the best actress and actor in a leading role, and on the second plan, and who is the best young actor and actress of the festival.

Get to know the festival here.

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Gogol Ukr


GogolFEST is an international multidisciplinary festival of contemporary art that consists of theatre, music, visuals, education, children's programme and residences, and also combines all directions together.

GogolFest aims to unite different cities in Ukraine and connect Ukraine with the world. The festival is characterised by involving local artists to their festivals’ programme in different cities and by their close cooperation with the local team in the organisation of the project.

GogolFEST received in 2019 the EFFE Award 2019-2020 and is a member of the European Festivals Association since 2019.

Do you want to know more? Click here.

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Kharkiv Ukr 2

Kharkiv Assemblies

The International Music Festival "Kharkiv assemblies", founded in 1991, is one of the largest and oldest events in Ukraine focused exclusively on classical art.

Traditionally, the chosen themes are dedicated to the names of prominent personalities of world music culture. During their 29 years of existence the festival has had heroes like Mozart, Vivaldi, Mendelssohn, and many more.

Kharkiv Assemblies is a member of the European Festivals Association since 2020.

Have a look at their website here.

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