Family-friendly Festivals

Énora Doublé - 10 May 2024

Children and young generations will be in charge of tomorrow’s society. As we celebrate the International Day of Families on 15 May, wouldn’t it be appropriate to share bonding moments with your loved ones while offering them an insight into the world of the arts? Take your tickets and embark on this festival journey, watch shows and have fun while developing your family's curiosity, creativity and imagination!

Wait no longer and dive into our selection of family-friendly festivals.

All my friends are stars

9th Annual All My Friends Are Stars Music Festival

11 May - 1 September 2024 | Gothenburg, Sweden

Taking place over several months, the upcoming ninth edition of the festival will feature more than 70 artists and shows across seven cities in Sweden and will bring together people from different ethnicities, cultures, and ages. All My Friends Are Stars Music Festival is a multi-day family-friendly event that features various musical genres, providing a platform for new artists to showcase their talent and advance their careers. The organisers strive to make this moment enjoyable for everyone with good food and drinks, and keep low admission fees to ensure that people from all backgrounds and social statuses can attend. Follow the festival’s Instagram page to learn more.

Picture credits: All My Friends Are Stars' Facebook page
Puppet Festival

International Puppet Festival “Golden Sparkle”

13 - 19 May 2024 | Kragujevac, Serbia

Alongside its main activity of preparing and performing plays from its own repertoire, the Kragujevac Children's Theatre also organises the "Golden Sparkle" International Puppet Festival, which attracts leading international theatres each year. In addition, the theatre hosts the "Festivalčić," a theatre and puppet exhibition for pre-school institutions, and "Iskrica," a festival of theatre and puppet workshops for elementary schools in Kragujevac. Although the Children's Theater is renowned for its puppet shows, it expanded its offerings with the introduction of an evening stage called "Scene 303" in 2009, catering to high school and university students. The theatre's programming concept is further complemented by the Youth Stage. Every May, Kragujevac becomes a central gathering place for puppeteers from around the world, with a festival dedicated to puppet shows for children, young people, and adults. Have a look at the repertoire.

Picture credits: IPF's Facebook page
Edinburgh International Childrens Festival

Edinburgh International Children’s Festival

25 May - 2 June 2024 | Edinburgh, Scotland

The Edinburgh International Children's Festival is a 9-day event that showcases the best in children's theatre and dance from around the world. The festival aims to provide innovative and family-friendly performances for young audiences, their families, and teachers. It features high-quality international productions as well as Scottish performances. The shows are diverse, challenging, and exciting, encouraging young people to think critically and with curiosity. This year's festival caters to all age groups, from babies to teenagers with a plethora of options, including acrobatic shows and moving stories about loss and acceptance of differences. Check the programme and filter shows by the age of your children.

Picture credits: EICF's Facebook page
Intergenerational Festival of Childrens Literature

Intergenerational Festival of Children’s Literature OJCE I DZIATKI

24 May – 15 September 2024 | Poland

The Intergenerational Festival of Children's Literature is a unique event that focuses on promoting valuable literature and its creators in a modern and interactive way. The festival aims to encourage children's reading habits by providing activities such as workshops, exhibitions, games, and literary competitions. The festival also emphasises the role of the family in children's development, aiming to strengthen intergenerational ties and counteract generational alienation caused by technological and social changes. The festival provides parents and grandparents with support in their role and offers a family-friendly environment to spend time together with books. The festival aims to break down barriers between generations and foster a love of literature in children by utilising the family as a context for forming positive habits. Discover the events in Warsaw.

Picture credits: IFCL's Facebook page
World Village Festival

World Village Festival

25 - 26 May 2024 | Helsinki Finland

The World Village festival is a cultural festival that aims to raise awareness about global challenges and solutions. It provides concrete ways for people to take action and create change. The festival is free and suitable for the whole family, with a specific focus on children. The Children's Corner offers workshops on composting, dollhouse remodelling, dance, and music from various cultures. There is also a main stage that hosts a major children's concert every year. Younger festival-goers can enjoy activities organised by YMCA Peace & Sport, including street football, rap workshops, sustainable development bingo, and relaxation in the lounge. Read more about the line-up.

Picture credits: World Village Festival's Facebook page
Danz Estate


11 – 15 June 2024 | Cagliari, Italy

DanzEstate 2024 is an event dedicated to children aged 3 to 12, offering a rich and diverse programme of dance, theatre, puppetry, and music performances. The event also includes workshops focusing on music, dance, visual arts, and crafts, as well as games and treasure hunts. The theme of the event is the fantastic world of Elves and a reinvented magical Middle Ages. DanzEstate Junior offers a wide range of activities, including performances, workshops, games, and open-air shows, all free of charge. The aim is to allow children to unleash their creativity, rediscover simple games, develop manual skills, and learn about recycling. Ready to wonder, play, create and learn with DanzEstate? Take a look at what’s on!

Picture credits: DanzEstate's Facebook page
Re Connect Art

Re-Connect Art

29 May - 15 June 2024 | Prague, Czech Republic

REVEALING, the 2024 edition of Re-Connect Art, will shed light on sensitive topics surrounding social issues. This international performance and multimedia festival will bring together interesting Czech and international creators who, in addition to their art projects, will also share the results of their research. This edition is also family-friendly as it includes the 'Algorithms of Power symposium', which will take place on the International Children's Day on 1 June, 2024. Prepare yourself for a convivial moment with debates, a concert, a literary and musical evening, video games and a VR environment. Discover the programme.

Picture credits: Re-Connect Art's Facebook page