“Go Green, Festivals!” stories online

06 Feb 2024

The “Go Green, Festivals!” stories are online. We have collected more than 30 stories that you can find here.

EFA Vignette Green stories

Environmental sustainability has taken centre stage on the agenda of festivals: in the logistics, programming, educational activities, and many other levels. Festivals are in prime position to raise awareness and concern for our natural environment among their team members, partners, and audiences. We are all aware that festivals play a role in the challenge of our environment, regardless of how complex it may be.

Through the campaign “Go Green, Festivals”, we want to amplify festivals' knowledge, experiences, and efforts by collecting remarkable stories, insights, and lessons learned from endeavours in tackling sustainability challenges.

The call for stories was open from 18 September to 15 November 2023. Thanks to the ones we gathered, we can now highlight what festivals are doing to learn from each other and create awareness about the role of arts and culture in addressing societal issues.

Here are the festivals that took part in this initiative: